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Autor: The Forests Dialogue
At the moment, most of our each day activities are located into web. Nothing weird in that, because we have a chance to do plenty of stuff on-line - working, texting with colleagues, looking for any news, watching Television.

It doesn't matter what they say - men and women are so similar!

We all heard that Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Frequently it is simple to assume that men and women are so entirely unlike. Women repeatedly complain that their husbands never pay attention to what they say. Men usually restate that women are too complicated that they will never be able to interpret their logic. Sometimes, I also believe in these stereotypes. Nevertheless, deep inside I sincerely believe they are false. And a short time ago I had small, seemingly meaningless event that showed me even more that men and women are very alike. And I would like to share it with you.