What to do to sell products in Russia? Read it

Nowadays, plenty of Polish businessmen are collaborating with foreign companies. We’re buying their products, to use it as component of our own work. Often, we’re hiring any experts from this nearshore companies. But plenty of times, Polish investors are trying to distribute their products outside our borders. we’re offering vehicles,factory’s elements to the French or English buyers. We’ve no issue with it, cause Poland is part of European Union after all. And what if we wish to distribute the same items in Russia?

When we like to do it, first it is better to get GOST certification. This type of quality is known only in there, and it was designed by their government. Many of the items, mostly technical, like factory’s supply for example, before cross the Russian border, need to be checked. Also, contractors in this country believe in GOST Russia very well, that is why, even if some article could be distribute in there with no tests, they won’t purchase it anyway, until you get this certification – Russia gost. So the best for you, is to do it regardless, just to make certain, that your items will be famous in there. Of course, it’s not free of charge, and it cost us many of efforts, but it’s worth it. You got two different methods to get it.

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Autor: Lorenzo Tlacaelel

First, you could arrange it by yourself. To get GOST certification (Certification Quality Conformity), you need to ask for it dedicated department. Then, they will give you a group A or B. First one is for products, that have to be tested, B is facultative. Next, you will have to gather plenty of documents, any other certificates and information about any item you want to distribute. At the end, you’ve to bring each type of supply to the dedicated laboratory, cause you need to test it in this country. But if you don’t have too much time for this, you may hire a professional team. There are many of different firms, which are qualified enough to bring you GOST Russia, fast and easy. Every of this teams you can localize in browser, there are plenty of it. Your entire job will be to inscribe a permission for them, to act in your behalf. And within several weeks, you should get your certification.

Russian market is very good spot, mainly for Polish businessmen. And if you wish to sell in there your factory’s elements, you better get GOST certification. Thanks to this paper you could be able to distribute many of your products, cause you will be far more trustable to Russian contractors.